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A. Lawrence Burns writes science fiction and suspense stories.  His debut novel, The Farthest Man From Home is about a man who finds himself recruited into a centuries old intergalactic war.  The sequel Beyond Home is out now. His new novel Broken about a P.O.W. in the second American Civil War is available as an e-book.   His podcast two mullets and a microphone is a nerdy pop culture comedy show where just about anything is covered.   





This is the new cover for my second novel, the sequel to The Farthest Man From Home.  Cover art by R.S. Kabel 

Podcast Two Mullets And A Microphone follows the ramblings of me and my co-host Scott as we just talk about anything and everything that comes into our empty heads. New episodes posted every other Tuesday. To listen to the show, find the tab in the navigational bar.  Original art by R.S. Kabel

Captured. Beaten. Broken.

Marine Corps. Sgt. Mike Williams is a broken man. Captured during the Second American Civil War and sent to a P.O.W. camp, he is at the whim of his captor, whom he has grown to both love and hate.

After years of torture and abuse at the hands of his captor, Mike becomes paralyzed by a flood of memories long forgotten while sent out on a routine errand. Mike struggles with himself to choose between returning to his captor or take his one chance to escape.

E-book available at Link in the navigational page.

broken cover final.jpg