Divine Intervention

Hello World,

A few days ago, as I was driving down the highway towards the siren’s call of my bed, something wonderful happened to me that has not happened in a long time. My Muse found me. I’m not sure how it had lost me in the first place. It’s not like I moved or anything like that, but nonetheless, it has been a while since I’ve seen my old friend. Anyway, back to my story. I have a good twenty minute commute everyday. It’s a time that I spend lost in my head thinking about plot lines, podcast shows, and blog post ideas. Among other things. Now, I was about halfway through my trip. I was thinking of my current work in progress and where I was going with it. I admit that I have been suffering from a bout of writer’s block for quite a while now. I’ve been trying to push through it at this point. I would write one sentence, get up and do other things, then write a few more words. Back and forth, back and forth just like that for weeks and weeks, until after a month I would have a couple pages written. See, that’s the thing that no one tells you about writing, getting words down on paper exactly the way you have it in your head is the mental equivalent of doing a thousand push-ups within a few minutes.. Sometimes it’s quite exhausting to just get through a paragraph.

Hmm. Once again it seems I’m deviating from my original story. Anyway, I was halfway home when my Muse found me again and struck me upside the head with a 2x4 of an idea. Which was not a simple feat considering the fact that I was going 65 miles an hour. A single vision entered my head at that time. I will not tell you what that vision was. That is something that you are going to have to find out later. That vision very quickly blossomed into a complete story line. Needless to say, since this had not happened to me in a very log time, I was beyond exited. I went straight home, fired up the old laptop and pounded out a quick 300 words of the newly created story.

For half a day I debated on whether to continue work on this new story, a sci-fi epic, or go back to my work in progress, a horror story. I have written sci-fi stories before, it is my favorite genre after all, but the work in progress I had was my first shot at horror. I ultimately decided to put aside the horror story and continue with the new sci-fi story..

The horror story, although a good plot and had the possibility of being creepy as hell, was tough to pound through the first 50 pages. This new story popped into my head so suddenly and so clearly it was as if it was begging to be written.

So there you go. That is my big news for this week. It’s a pretty damn exciting thing for me. I think my writers block might actually be gone for now. God, I hope so.

Thanks for reading, A. Lawrence Burns.


Hello World!

I am excited to bring you the reimagined version of my blog. My old one, although well read and enjoyed, did not fare the transition from the original site to this one. So late last night, while trying to fall asleep after hours of tossing and turning, I came up with the bright, and soon to be legendary, idea of creating this new blog. I think its a good idea. I have my stories, my podcasts and my youtube channel, but I always liked this form of interacting with readers.

If any of you have read the old blog, or listened to the podcast, or read any of my other writings, you already know that I simply cannot be tied down to a single topic or genre. For all of you new readers, this blog will be part pop culture, part comedy, part drama, but it is all me and I hope that each and every one of you will enjoy it. I certainly have some big plans for this blog.

So sit back and relax, crack open this blog and be ready to be entertained.

Thanks for reading, A. Lawrence Burns